Barcelona condemn the behavior of their own fans.

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Barcelona have condemned the behavior of their own team’s supporters against Ronald Koeman following last night’s El Clasico.

             Barcelona football team issued a statement condemning the ‘violent’ and ‘disrespectful’ actions taken by their supporters towards manager. Ronald Koeman followinglast night’s 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid.(Sunday 24 October 2021). In the first El Clasico game played in front of a full home stadium since the pandemic. With the Los Blancos taking the lead at half-time. First from David Alaba.

Barcelona condemn the behavior of their own fans.     

Although Barca speeded up the game to equalize in the second half. It was Lucas Vazquez who gave the visitors a 2-0 lead in stoppage-time despite Sergio Aguero ‘s goal. His first for the new club came in the last minute of injury time but only consolation. And the result added even more pressure on Koeman. Who has reportedly been fired in recent months.

             And after the game. There are still embarrassing things happening outside the field. When Barça’s supporters Very dissatisfied that the beloved team lost to Real Madrid. So they set up a group to wait for the Dutchman coach and after Koeman drove past. Was surrounded by supporters. Some people smashed their hoods and windshields. While others slander and heard shouts “Get out!”

             After seeing video clips of the supporters’ actions. Barca immediately issued a statement saying they would take security measures for the manager to prevent such incidents from happening again.

            “FC Barcelona condemns the violent and insulting actions our manager experienced upon leaving the Camp Nou.” The statement read “This terrible event must never happen again. We do not want to see any harsh action against our manager. When he leaves Camp Nou. The club will take full security measures to prevent something like this from happening again.”

             At the same time. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti was pleased with the result revealing that.

             “I think we can compete with every team. Although the strongest team we could be a little more efficient in the face. “The Italian coach said in a press conference after the game. From the report of Margarita. “The team did a great job on defense. We missed some passes but were very effective. After halftime” “This is not an easy game. And winning makes us happy. I was happy to win the El Clasico because it was the most important game.”