Bayern looks at Nagelsmann as a serious option.

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Bayern Munich is still looking at Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of the German national football team. It’s a serious choice. And there is a possibility that it will happen this summer.

Florian Plettenberg of Sky Germany reports that. Bayern Munich’s attempt to bring Nagelsmann back as manager is still possible. and see it as a concrete choice. But it will take some time to discuss various matters.UFABET

Nagelsmann has a contract with the German Football Federation (DFB) to coach the German national team. Until July or until the end of Euro 2024, which Germany hosts. Although there were earlier reports of talks about a new contract. But so far there hasn’t been any progress.

Plettenberg revealed that the 36-year-old coach is open to all options. And talking with Bayern seems easier. Because of the good relationship with Max Eberl. The new sporting director of the Southern Tigers, who respect each other. and still keep in touch

In the event that Nagelsmann returns to manage Bayern for the second time. There is an idea to bring in Sandro Wagner to join the team as well. Although it seems that his assistant would rather stay with the DFB.

Nagelsmann doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel and come up with a system. that squeezes every last drop of talent from a not-so-great group of players. He just needs to keep it simple and fun so his players continue to buy in and play together. If they do, Bayern might destroy everyone this season