Can’t stand it! Drogba speaks Chelsea and slams Bohly failure

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Can’t stand it! Drogba speaks out on Chelsea and slams Bohly for failure.

Didier Drogba reveals Chelsea will never be the same and also criticizing the current board of directors. After the Blues army just got out of the Champions League

Frank Lampard lost for the fourth game in a row since taking temporary charge of Chelsea. After they lost 2-0 at home to Real Madrid, they were eliminated from the Champions League 4-0 on aggregate.

Chelsea currently have seven Premier League games to play but are 17 points behind fourth in the table, ruling them out of next season’s Champions League.

Drogba blamed the Chelsea board, led by owner Todd Bohly, over their transfer tactics. Since taking over from Roman Abramovich

“They lack charismatic leaders. We need players who are ready to take responsibility. You need a player who brings madness to the pitch,” Drogba told Canal Plus.

“I don’t know my club anymore. This is no longer the same club. They have a new owner and a new vision.”

“Obviously we try to compare it to what was done under Abramovich, where a lot of players were brought in. But the choice was clever: import Petr Cech, (Andrei) Shevchenko, (Hernan) Crespo, Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, (Florent) Malouda and others join the team to win the title.

“These are experienced players. But now we are taking risks with young players. But a dressing room with more than 30 players is difficult for the coach to deal with.

It has been revealed that Bohly has hit hard by his performance in the last game.

Where Brighton should have won by more than two. Out of all 26 finishing chances, both coming as an away team This resulted in a tense meeting in the dressing room with both Bohly and his assistant, Lampard and the squad. By taking 1 hour.

Lampard revealed before the decisive game against Real Madrid in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals: “I’m fine with that. In the past, there may have been some controversy about the former owner that he rarely came to watch games. or less involved in the club which is not entirely true.”

“I still remember when I was a player. Then the owner of the club met us in the dressing room. I remember it was a happy story. It’s not something that’s bad.”