Chelsea wiping sweat! James knee sprain again – unsure period

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Chelsea wiping sweat! James knee sprain again – unsure of rest period still not worried about the physical condition of Reece James. Who recently had a knee problem again.

Chelsea still can’t be comfortable with the physical condition of Reece James, right-back, an important sculptor. Recently there was another problem in the knee area. And still not sure how long to rest

James has playing brilliantly since coming into the first team. Until the past became the first in the starboard position above team captain Cesar Azpilicueta. However, the 23-year-old has had occasional injury problems. Until making the latest season playing only 16 Premier League games

Recently, James had to scan his knee again. It is uncertain whether they will able to join the team on a tour of the United States. The upcoming pre-season or not.

ทางเข้า ufabet that James had revealed to the club. That he felt an abnormality in his knee. and must be thoroughly scanned To prevent injury problems that, if they occur, can be severe immediately

Although Chelsea is still optimistic that the players will not have to stigmatized as “falling hurt” and even taking a long break. But he knows that he has to support the 23-year-old in a special way from this latest problem.

with the move out of Azpilicueta’s move to Atletico Madrid means James will the first choice at right-back under new manager Mauricio Pochettino. But in the long term there will concerns over physical issues such as together