Ferguson shocked with the ghostly work.

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was in a state of shock. After seeing the Red Devils lead Liverpool 5-0 in the Premier League last night.

Sir. Alex Ferguson in extreme shock. His head as if he couldn’t believe his eyes during Liverpool’s thumping of Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League last night .(Sunday 24 October 2021). While still pictured. Rhe Reds icon Sir Kenny Dalglish was laughing in a chair a few seats away.

Shocked Ferguson with the ghostly work.

            Liverpool beat Manchester United 5-0 last night. Taking advantage of the home team’s poor defense and as Naby Keita and Diogo Jota scored each. Before Mohamed Salah scored a hat-trick for the Reds. Then Paul Pogba himself was sacked by the straight red card. For tackling dangerous to enter the Great Italian at the end of Liverpool football team midfield play was not to be substituted.

Manchester United legend. Ferguson appeared in crowd to cheer on his former club. And from the photos from the Old Trafford stadium. That appears It was clearly something that was not to be admired. There is a clip that shows Ferguson sighed in disappointment. Tight lips and frowning before he leaned over to the person sitting next to him. To offer some ideas about the game.

 The footage was then clipped to Dalglish. Who sat very close to Ferguson on the pitch. Where the Reds legend’s laughter could be seen and seems to say. Damn it’ at the end of the video. Like Manchester fans other United players at Old Trafford. Fergie were contemplating what he saw on the pitch. And thousands of fans couldn’t take the events in front of him. They walked out of the field shortly after.

            However. One person who was pleased with the game was of course. Klopp, Who admitted he was surprised. But happy to dominate the game over the team. According to report by ufabet