‘Henry’ admits he wasn’t happy about Arsenal

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Thierry Henry admits that he didn’t even want to watch his former club Arsenal compete at all in the past. But he’s enjoyed it more since Mikel Arteta took charge of the team.

Arsenal has become increasingly difficult to secure a place in the Champions League since Arsene Wen’s final years in charge. During that time, Henry

Arsene Wenger’s final years in charge before the short reign of Unai Emery saw Arsenal regularly miss out on Champions League football, with silverware in short supply.

admitted that he went to watch his beloved team’s match but didn’t feel like going like before. But it was because he had to do more. Henry told the โปรโมชั่น ufabet

During that period, Henry has described himself as only attending games because he “had to”.

But the 46-year-old’s love for watching his old team returned with the arrival of current manager Arteta.

podcast : “Five years ago, I couldn’t bear to watch the team play.” “I just couldn’t bear to watch. I went to the game because I had to. It’s not because I want to go.” “It’s because I’m an Arsenal fan. Not because I want to see them play. But now I can enjoy what they’re doing. I have the utmost respect for what Mikel has done, how he’s brought the team back on track.”