Juventus discusses agent ‘Van de Beek’ pulling out of ghost.

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Juventus have started talks with the agent of Manchester United. Midfielder Donny van de Beek in the hopes of bringing in midfield over the new year.

La Stampa. The macaroni media News reports that Federico Cape Rubio is the director of Juventus football team. A club in his Serie A Italy have communicated to the representatives of Donny van der Beck Midfielder back for Manchester United. Is neat to hope to draw players to strengthen the army during the second round of the player market in January.

The 24-year-old midfielder is still getting fewer opportunities. Since joining from Ajax in the summer of 2020. He has played 19 games in the Premier League last season. Scoring just one goal. The first move was expected to help level up in the middle of the Red Devils.

While Zebra is a huge fan of the Dutch star. Since the football league in Holland and want to add to the army. Which was recently reported The director of Juve has opened talks with the players’ agents. The opportunity to grab the team during the winter market already. But maybe it’s just a loan first and then buy outright 

The van der Beck himself was interested to join the army materiel cattle Neri  as well because it will give him a chance to show his pace to good form themselves back then. He will also be able to play with Mattis de Ligt. The Netherlands national team centre-back. who had traded together at Ajax before.

Moreover, Juventus are set to release a player who is not in the team’s plans for Aaron Ramsey midfielder Welsh and Weston McCain here midfield US national team. Let’s go out during this new year as well. After last summer, There was news that it would be released. But in the end, It’s still with the team at this time.