Lampard urges Chelsea players to fight with all their heart in last 7 games for fans

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Lampard urges Chelsea players to fight with all their heart in last 7 games for fans.

Chelsea interim manager, Frank Lampard, expects that the team players will wear the lion’s heart. Fight hard for the remaining 7 games of this season. To make the best ranking in the Premier League, repaying the fans who have been heartbroken by the bad performance in every cup of the Blue Lion Army this year.

Chelsea have no official title chance left after losing to Real Madrid with the same score 0-2 until they were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. After being eliminated in both domestic cup competitions. Fast, while the Premier League is left hoping to finish better than 11th or not.

Lampard, who has led the team to losing 4 games in a row since taking the second chair Said.

After the game at Stamford Bridge that he still saw optimism from the form of players who played against Real Madrid well in the first half. Even if the score is unsuccessful “We played very well for about 60 minutes, we created chances. But you just need to close the account successfully.”

“You don’t want to praise too much. When you’re on the losing side in a game at this level. But clearly we have evolved. This club has come a long way in this competition. And players will be able to use this feeling to drive themselves in the future.”

“I think now we can determine where we want to go. I came here for this reason. Because this season is what it is. Will I be able to influence during this time? Hopefully yes, but the greater thing for the club is that we want to get back to where we belong. The challenge is huge.”

“I don’t think we’re going to be much hysterical over tonight’s disappointment. I know what I have to do to get it back. From being here as a player for so long and as a previous coach.”

“We have to set those standards high again. And I said the same thing, having a clear path is the solution, let’s see, in the next 7 games I’ll make a mini version of it.”

“If our form of play improves I think it will give the fans a good feeling and make us feel good in the summer. And I think we can do it.