Leeds United insists players have not recovered from covid-19.

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Leeds United have announced that the match against Aston Villa on Tuesday has been postponed. Because of the players infected with COVID-19 many are not ready to enter the field. As a result, it was the second match in a row that had to postpone after the Liverpool away game.

Leeds United have announced that. The game will nest Elliot Island Road for the visit of Aston Villa on Tuesday, December 28th. Has postpon already. Because of the players infected with COVID-19 Still in quarantine. As a result, there are not enough players to meet the requirements of the Premier League.

The Yungthong team just postpone the game to visit Liverpool at Anfield on Boxing Day On Sunday, December 26. Due to the addition of players in the team infected with coronavirus Including injuries and discomfort as well. But the situation has not improve. As a result, Tuesday’s game has postpone for one more game. Which is the 14th game that has affect by the coronavirus.

“Even if there is no new covid patient in the team. But most of those who test positive before the Liverpool game have not quarantine. Therefore, there are not enough first-team players to meet the Premier League requirements for the match against Aston Villa.” The Yorkshire club said in an official statement.

Games on the weekend. In addition to the pair of Luds invade to visit the Reds who had to postpone the kick. Including the midweek game. There is still Wolverhampton Wonder scorers find innovative Ford and Byrne, Crowley found Everton face the same situation. It takes a while Patrick Vieira manager Crystal Palace was caught Cody David add. But the game against Tottenham Hotspur still competes according to the same program.

For Marcelo Bielsa ‘s team. The Argentine coach has play 18 games with 16 points, placing 16th in the table. With the next game against Burnley in the nest. Their own on Sunday, January 2, 2022. Those infect with coronavirus are expect to be ready to return to the field again.  according to report by ufabet