Lionel Messi had an argument with his attacking team-mates at Paris Saint-Germain.

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There are reports that Lionel Messi has pushed for Paris Saint-Germain. The deal has ended with his former club Barcelona after having a problem with one of his team-mates.

   Lionel Messi had an argument with his attacking team-mates at Paris Saint-Germain. He is reportedly pushing for the club to reach an agreement in exchange for Barcelona football team. The Argentinian superstar moved to PSG last summer on a second contract. The year after Barca were unable to extend his contract under their salary limits.

Lionel Messi had an argument with his attacking team-mates at Paris Saint-Germain.      

Messi has yet to score for his new club in the arena league. But can pass the net was already in the Champions League. He made it three goals in a game against Manchester City 1 goal. And two goals in the middle of the week. That beat RB Leipzig but nevertheless it was reported that his relationship with one of his offensive team mates was uneventful. it is rumored that he hopes the club will try to strike a direct swap deal with his former club Barca.

            Reports from El Nacional claim Messi had an argument with striker Mauro Icardi. With the two players familiar with each other since their days in the Argentina national team. And in fact Icardi believes the fact Messi doesn’t like him is the main reason. He hasn’t been called up to the national team for more than three years.

            The 28-year-old hasn’t played for Argentina since the 2018 friendly against Mexico. And he has been overlooked a number of times since. With claims that Messi’s arrival has changed things. Many in the dressing room of PSG And Icardi could be the scapegoat for this. Despite scoring three goals for Ligue 1 clubs so far this season.

            It is said that Messi wants Sergio Aguero to join him in Paris. The two have been roommates together for many years at the Argentine national team camp and have a close personal friendship. In fact, Aguero he signed a two-year contract with Barca in May of this year. After leaving Manchester City as a free agent. Understanding that he will be playing alongside Messi at Camp Nou.

            But Messi’s unexpected departure changed everything. Ultimately. Aguero will make his Barca debut after missing the start of the season with injury. But at the same time he is looking for a way to leave the club early. Which he is excited about the possibility of linking with Messi at the club level. That has opened up the possibility for a swap agreement between the two teams. According to report by ufabet