New has given the green light to send ‘Tonali’ to play this weekend.

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A news report from The Chronicle reveals that “Salika” Newcastle United have received the green light to send Sandro Tonali onto the field to help the team in the Premier League match against Crystal Palace this coming weekend. The aged

midfielder The 23-year-old was called in for official examinations last week along with Italy team-mate Nicolo Zaniolo. After being accused of Involved in gambling ยููฟ่าเบท

Tonali admits that he is actually addicted to gambling. But it is not related to football betting. and ready to cooperate with the FIGC and the Prosecutor of Turin By revealing everything you know about gambling. Including various events that he put money in

Amid rumors surrounding his future at Newcastle Because I’m not sure. Will the potential ban in Italy have any effect in England? A

recent report from The Chronicle revealed that Newcastle have been told they can field Tonali if they wish.

In that case, Nicolo Fagioli, the “Zebras” midfielder, was also attacked. And an investigation has begun.

Both Tonali and Fagioli placed money in bets on football games. which is against the Sports Justice Act, Section 24, if the matter is confirmed to be true They will both be banned for at least three years, but if they plead guilty, their bans could be cut in half.