Newcastle new owner believes Rafa is the right manager.

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Newcastle United owner Rafael Benitez, Everton manager. Is the dream team to replace Steve Bruce. But it is difficult because he still has a contract with blue toffee.

Sky Sports Italia correspondent Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Newcastle United. Under the new ownership of the Saudi billionaires group. Sees manager Rafael Benitez as a Everton Is a dream coach. Who wants to be in charge of the army instead of Steve Bruce. Who was laid off from his position.

Spanish coach he was in charge of Newcastle in 2016. Although unable to lead the team away from Premier League relegation in the 2015-16 season. He spent just one season leading the team back to the top flight again. And left the team in 2019 after his contract expired. 

Newcastle new owner believes Rafa is the right manager.

Then moved to control Dalian in the Chinese league and returned to the great country again. Blue toffee team by di Lazio said. That the dream of New Castle is Benitez admitted immediately to return to the original location of the place. Where the club Tyneside but the reality is that he has a contract at Goodison Park until 2024.

 “The dream for Newcastle is to convince Rafa to accept it right away. It’s really hard for Rafa to leave Everton at the moment. They’ve met Rafa twice. Although Frank McFarland. The new sporting director will be officially appointed. He works with Rafa at Liverpool football team and is responsible for the youth players in the academy. He knows Rafa very well. But it is almost impossible to get the job. Said a credible reporter.

For this time. Paulo Fonseca, The 48-year-old former Roma coach is the favorite to take up this position. He has been interviewed by The Magpies and England footballers have been impressed with his vision of short- and long-term building and his management style. But no official announcement has yet been made.