Open numbers, Arsenal paid to buy Rice, both price + wages

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Open numbers, Arsenal paid to buy Rice, both price + wages

Reveal Arsenal’s installment period in the Declan Rice deal. Including the wages the players receive with the Arsenal team.

ยูฟ่าเบท correspondent Caveh Solecol has revealed the financial details of the £100+5m deal Arsenal paid for West Ham United captain Declan Rice. strengthening the army. Which caused talks to delay before the deal could be closed on Saturday.

Leading the Hammers to win the UEFA Europa Conference League last season It’s one of the main reasons why Arsenal are locked in to grab the 24-year-old midfielder to add to the midfield. Even having to pay expensively at the level of club statistics and statistics of British players

Solecole said that the £100+5m Arsenal paid was split into 24-month installments to the full £100m, with another £5m in add-on bonuses to Arsenal. Knol will pay £1million for every Champions League ticket, with Rice involved more than 60 per cent of the pitch.

Regarding wages, 90min UK revealed that Rice will receive £250,000 per week. For playing at the Emirates Stadium, which is the club’s third, after Gabriel Jesus. Who receives £ 2.65 hundred thousand, and also newcomer Kai Havertz. Who receives The club’s highest £330,000 per week.

Earning £250,000-a-week from Arsenal saw Rice earn four times his previous base salary at West Ham.