‘Simeone’ reiterated his refusal to shake hands after the game.

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone reaffirms. He did not want to shake hands after the game with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Because he did not want to pretend even if it was customary.

San Diego’s Oneida coach Atletico Madrid confirmed again. He doesn’t like handshaking after the game. because I do not want to show insincere and will never do that again. In the match against Liverpool football club in the UEFA Champions League group stage, Group B, fourth leg on Wednesday night, 3 November. 

The first match was met at the Wanda Metropolitano. On Tuesday, October 19. The Atletico opened their home defeat to visitors from the British Isles 2-3, leaving El Cholo very upset. Rushed into the dressing room immediately without refusing to shake hands with Jurgen Klopp. The Reds trainer after the match. causing a lot of criticism about etiquette.

‘Simeone’ reiterated his refusal to shake hands after the game.

“I don’t like handshaking after the game. It’s because it’s the mood of the two with different minds,” Simeone said. “I know that in the UK it’s customary and respectful. But I don’t like the insincerity that might be included. So I will follow my feelings. I don’t know Klopp very well, but I know he is a great coach and does a great job at every club he is at.

This will be the fourth meeting in three seasons. between both sides The last time at Anfield was in March 2020, the Spanish side won 3-2 in extra time, allowing them to win 4-2 on aggregate in the round of 16 of Europe’s biggest cup. This back view Past performance is not related to tomorrow’s competition.

 “The game to meet is a new match. And tomorrow’s results will be the consequences of this match. It wasn’t an appointment that happened a year ago. Although last year’s competition Will remain in the memories of Atletico Madrid fans, but when they have to visit again In the world of football. It is a competition that starts all over again,” said the coach who led the team to one win, one draw and one defeat with four points.According to reports by ufabet