The 8 strangest deals that Manchester City signe during the Sheikh Marzoun era

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The 8 strangest deals that Manchester City signe during the Sheikh Marzoun era

  • Sheikh Marzoun took over Manchester City, turning the team into a world football superpower.
  • “The Blues” have always made great signings. But there have been some surprises in the past.

Since the Abu Dhabi consortium led by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a former United Arab Emirates politician, came to manage Manchester City ยูฟ่าเบท it has made “The Blues” It has become a powerful club in both the Premier League and European football.

However, Manchester City have also had a number of strange transactions when it comes to signing new players. And today we will take you to meet 8 players who moved to the Etihad Stadium in a way that no one expected.

8. Owen Hargreaves

Hargreaves is part of a group of players, along with Dennis Law, Billy Meredith and Carlos Tevez, who have played for both Manchester United. But the former England midfielder is nothing short of memorable. “The Blues” at least

Hargreaves moved from Manchester United across the river to play with on a free transfer in 2011, while playing at the Etihad Stadium, the blood footballer Aristocrat Played only 4 matches and scored only 1 goal, which was a shot in the League Cup game against Birmingham City.

7. Marton Fulop

Former Hungarian goalkeeper It is considered another very surprising deal after moving from Sunderland went to play with Manchester City in 2010 on an emergency loan contract due to Shay Given and Stuart Taylor, two former goalkeepers. The “Blues” had injury problems at the same time.

 Fulop had the opportunity to make his debut against in the game that beat Aston Villa 3-1 and played for “The Blues” went to a total of 3 games.

6. Marcos López

Back in 2011, Manchester City signed 16-year-old López from Benfica with the expectation that will become a superstar in the future In the beginning, he was on the youth team. He was given a chance with the first team the following year.

However, it seems that López could not adjust to life in England and was released to Monaco in French Ligue 1 in 2015 for £9 million. Ready to leave statistics for playing 5 matches, scoring 1 goal with the “Blue Sailboat”

5. Denis Suarez

It seems that Suarez’s career in England has become parallel. After being unsuccessful with both Manchester City and playing on loan at Arsenal, the Spaniard did not have any significant results.

The player nicknamed “New David Silva” moved from Celta Vigo to play between 2011 and 2013, playing only 2 matches in the League Cup and was unable to score any goals. As for the results Worked with Arsenal in the 2018-19 season, played 6 games, didn’t score at all either.

4. Florent Lejoune

The French defender moved from Girona in La Liga Spain to join Manchester City in 2015, then “The Blues” immediately released him back to play with his original club on a loan contract and Lejoune also No longer involved with the team

Perfume football star Wandered to play with many clubs such as Eibar, Newcastle United, Alaves and currently, at the age of 33, plays with Reyo Vallecano.

3. Richard Wright

Wright is a former goalkeeper who became famous with Ipswich Town, moving to join in 2012 as the third-choice goalkeeper of the “Blue City”.

However, the goalkeeper is a noble blood. I understand the situation well. The number 3 goalkeeper, aside from receiving a salary, has hardly had a chance to play. Over the course of 4 seasons, Wright has not played goalkeeper for even a single game.

2. Bruno Zuculini

Argentinian midfielder His future is very confusing as his contract is owned by a third party and many parties are trying to get the most out of Zuculini

In his hometown, he came to play with in 2014 and made his debut with “The Blues” in the Community Shield game lost to Arsenal 3-0, after which he did not play for the team again.

1. Andrea and Filippo Mancini

Andrea and Filippo are the sons of Roberto Mancini, the legendary Italian national team striker. and former manager of Manchester City, both of whom moved to “The Blues” in 2011 and were considered to be able to successfully follow in their father’s footsteps.

However, everything was completely opposite. Andrea moved away from Manchester. City in 2012 and Filippo following in 2013, and both are now without clubs.