Toni Kroos wondered with a statue of Aguero like himself.

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Toni Kroos questioned the statue of former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero at the Etihad Stadium. After fans remarked that the Real Madrid midfielder’s face resembles that of the Real Madrid footballer.

Manchester City just unveiled a statue of Aguero on the 10th anniversary of the 93.20-minute winner. As the club overcame a 3-2 victory over Queens Park Rangers, beating Manchester United. UFABET He won his first Premier League title in 2012. 

“Kun” leaves the club with the team’s all-time record goalscorer. Before hanging up his boots shortly after moving to Barcelona due to heart problems.  

However, in the unveiling of the statue on Friday, May 13. Many fans consider the statue’s figure and pose to be more similar to Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos than the former Manchester United striker.

Kroos, meanwhile, retweeted the statue of Gun, writing a questioning “Are you sure?” message in the same way fans see him as more like the statue’s owner.

 After seeing a lot of people mention him, Kroos took to mock the statue by retweeting the message, “Sergio is here”, typing “Are you sure?” How could it be that it was a statue of Aguero. And there were people who mocked the statue with him? such as the message that says “I guess he had to retweet this,” and his critics blamed him for mocking the statue of Aguero. such as “You’re not good enough to survive in the English Premier League” and “obsessed with Our team?”